Annual events

Ecosystem services: Adaptive EU policies for future EU regions
2013 | Aula Dionýza Iľkoviča, STU, Bratislava

Discussing Complexity and Environmental Policy to honor Elinor Ostrom
2012 | Malé kongresové centrum SAV, Bratislava

Daniel Bromley, University of Wisconsin-Madison, lecturing on challenges and reasons of the global financial crisis
2012 | Dionýz Iľkovič Hall, STU, Bratislava

The role of New Approaches in Studying Sustainable governance: Experimental Research and Modeling of Governance Processes (workshop)
2011 | VEEL a STU, Bratislava

Visit of professor Marco Janssen
2011 | Centrum transdisciplinárnych štúdii CETIP, Ústav manažmentu STU, Virtual Scientific Laboratory

Emerging Theories and Methods in Sustainability Research
2007 | Kongresové centrum Academia, Stará Lesná, High Tatras