Collaborative research network dedicated to introduce novel ideas into the interdisciplinary environmental research, education and policy making. CETIP main mission is interdisciplinary research across natural and social sciences in particular incorporation of institutional, behavioral and ecological economics into the environmental governance and policy making. Providing adequate opportunities for intergenerational cooperation, such conditions for transdisciplinary career development of early stage and experience researchers in European research area and supporting flexible research teams. CETIP ambition is also to provide a platform for science and policy interface through public seminars or discussion forums at regional, national or international level and policy advice.

CETIP emerged as product of cooperation with Prof. Elinor Ostrom, in particularly during her visit of Slovakia in 2007 when Lin participated on the project THEMES and our team assisted with common pool resource experiment conducted with subjects from 40 countries (Ahn, Ostrom, Walker, 2010). CETIP has been established in 2008 as research centre of Trans-disciplinary Studies of Institutions, Evolution and Policies associated with Slovak Academy of Sciences and become partner to the Centre for the Study of Institutional Diversity (CSID) at Arizona State University. CETIP has evolved into the independent supra-regional collaborative research network of Central and Eastern Europe registered as research SMEs in Czech Republic and Slovakia where also central management units are located. CETIP is holding a Research Centre in Central and Eastern Europe of the Earth System Governance project (ESG) since 2018.

At present CETIP collaborative platform operates in several CEE countries and consist of approximately 30 researchers and PhD students also from Slovak University of Technology and Faculty of Management Comenius University Bratislava, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Catholic University of Ruzomberok, CzechGlobe research centre under the Academy of Sciences in the Cżech Republic, Ljublana University, Economic University in Prague and University of Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic. Since 2019 it collaborates with newly established join centre of SLovakGlobe concentrating on the management of global change.


Competence of CETIP has been endorsed within several EU framework projects (IDARI, EUROCOOP, THEMES, RUBICODE, GOVERNAT, ECOFINDER, RESPONDER, EcoFINDERS SIMRA, Innoforest several COST projects), and active participation in numerous international research networks such as the: International and European Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE/ESEE, Earth System Governance project and International Society for the Study of Commons (IASC).