VEEL and Strategic decision-making

CETIP in cooperation with the Institute of Management, Slovak University of Technology (STU) within the Centre of Excellence: Urban Infrastructure and the Knowledge Economy SPECTRA+ have established the Laboratory of experimental social sciences (VEEL). Laboratory mission is to increase innovative potential of economic research and the quality of graduate and postgraduate economic education in the Slovak Republic. The key purpose of VEEL lab is to create a platform for research and teaching in social science within the Slovak academic community. Existence of laboratory of experimental social sciences creates opportunity to expand region specific research projects, attract attention of young scholars to expand their carrier in their home country and contribute to the cost effective operation. Experiments with commons in the laboratory and the field has been core experimental research of the group. In particular important is the cooperation of CETIP with the Center for the Study of Institutional diversity (CSID), Arizona State University, that started in 2007 while Prof. Ostrom participated on the THEMES project followed by the replication of field experiments with common pool resources (2009-2011). Experiments with commons in the laboratory and the field have provided insights that have contrasted conventional non-cooperative game theory such as clearly defined rules, self-governance and communication are essential attributes of decision making. Spatial and temporal dynamics as novel components in experiments to study governance of commons  were  developed by international team of researchers leaded by the Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity (CSID), Arizona State University USA and Indiana University, USA. Experimental design was modified by CETIP to analyse the effect of communication and applied in context of Central European forestry governance. VEEL is partner lab to Ostrom lab cooperating within the network of Virtual commons, established by the CSID, Arizona State University.

Laboratory for experiments

VEEL lab is located in headquarter of STU. The facility provides a state-of-the-art lab for the social sciences to teach multiple methods and to perform controlled experiments. It has 20 seats and portable desks that contain built-in spatial dividers that can be used to block vision between participants in controlled experiments. The lab is equipped with 20 computers.

The first official test of the lab took place on June 8, 2011.

CETIP  participate on the development of  educational programs for school kids to promote environmental awareness via ecosystem services and collective management. Objective is to develop children’s ability to make decisions on natural resources collectively and responsibly and to highlight importance of ecosystem services.  Players are faced social dilemma of individual and collective interest by providing material  incentive (sweets)  while groups  that manage to follow sustainable collective management are awarded life tree or product of ecosystem service (such as honey).

the forestry game – experiment

Experimental design of forestry game developed jointly with CSID center at Arizona state University applied  in diverse cultural context of forest users has been by CETIP adopted for educational purposes.

role board game – European Researchers’ Night 2014

Role board games are interactive agent based models developed by CETIP to analyse factors of sustainable collective decision making and potential of ecosystem services to promote it.

CE SPECTRA and Laboratory VEEL offer their assistance and space for different types of laboratory experiments.

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